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By Theater To Go

Fridays, Feb. 12 & 19, 2016 at 8pm

Saturdays, Feb. 13 & 20 at 8pm

Sundays, Feb. 14 & 21 at 2pm


Journal Entry #6574

Golly gee whiz, I canít believe I am really here on The Great White Way in Times Square!!  Things are really hoppiní for this small-town playwright. No sooner do I get here than I find a producer who wants to do my play!  And he says he has an angel who will put up $15,000!  Why, itís really too good to be true.  All I have to do is stay in the hotel until everything comes through.  Oh, and, well, the only thing is, it is getting a little tight because itís a small room, and the producer, the director and his assistant have moved in with me.  So sometimes, when we are all here, it does seem a bit like a Marx Brotherís movie.  But, I am sure everything will work out perfectly, and maybe I can even get up the nerve to ask that cute little desk clerk, Hilda, out for coffee. 

Tickets: $18 adults, $16 seniors, $14 students/children


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