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The Kelsey Theatre has 10 different Theatre Companies that use our stage and their needs vary.  Please read ALL audition notices through to see what is required and how to sign up for the audition. 

All auditions for Kelsey Theatre productions will be held on the Mercer County Community College unless stated otherwise in the announcement.  Auditions are usually held in the College's Communications Building please check the Kelsey Theatre sign boards for specific room locations.

If you would like to receive audition notifications via email please click on this link KELSEY AUDITION SIGN-UP and fill in your name and email address.




Auditions - Titanic: The Musical
January 04 and 06, 2018

All roles are open.  Please note: actors of any race/ethnicity will be considered for all roles.

Playful Theatre Productions is excited to announce open auditions for their spring 2018 production of Titanic: The Musical.  Performances are scheduled for Friday through Sunday, April 20-22 and 27-29 (Friday and Saturday performances at 8pm; Sunday performances at 2pm.


Thursday evening, January 04 (7-10PM)

Saturday afternoon, January 06 (12-4PM)

Callback auditions, as required, are tentatively scheduled for Sunday, January 07. 

Auditions and callbacks will be held in the Mercer County Community College Communications Building, adjacent to Kelsey Theatre, located at 1200 Old Trenton Road, West Windsor.


In order to minimize wait times, audition appointments are very strongly recommended.

To make an appointment, visit; please call 215-901-8314 or contact us through the site above with questions or concerns.


Performers are asked to prepare one complete song (musical theatre preferred), and to bring sheet music in the correct key; an accompanist will be provided.  Pre-recorded accompaniment or a capella auditions cannot be accommodated. 

There will be no dancing at the initial audition.


Titanic: The Musical was the winner of five 1997 Tony Awards, including awards for Best Book, Best Score, and Best Musical.  It features music and lyrics by Maury Yeston (Nine, Grand Hotel, Phantom) and a book by Peter Stone (1776).  The Kelsey Theatre production will be produced by Playful Theatre Productions, with direction by Frank Ferrara and musical direction by Shannon Ferrara and Mike Gilch. Rehearsals are expected to begin in mid-to-late January, and run approximately 3 times per week.


Playful is seeking approximately 40 actors to play a vast assortment of officers, sailors, and passengers aboard the RMS Titanic.  Actors of all ages are needed; there is no minimum age to audition.  As noted above, actors of any race/ethnicity will be considered for all roles. 

The following are very brief profiles of principal roles; in addition to these roles, there are many smaller roles, most involving solo singing and/or dialogue.

Captain Edward John (“E.J.”) Smith (baritone, reads 50+)
The experienced commander of the Titanic; forceful, calm, confident.

William McMaster Murdock (tenor, reads 35+)
Titanic’s first officer, he knows every regulation and is exceptionally skilled when working by the book, but struggles when called upon to improvise.

Charles Lightoller (baritone, reads 25+)
Titanic’s second officer, he is quick-thinking, decisive, and brave under fire. 

J. Bruce Ismay (baritone, reads 35+)
The Chairman of White Star Lines and owner of the Titanic.  Fastidious, exacting, mildly drunk on attention and power.

Thomas Andrews (tenor, reads 30+)
An architect with Harland & Wolff, the chief designer of Titanic.  He is abstract and distracted, constantly planning his next project and distant from the real world. 

Frederick Barrett (high baritone, reads 20+)
A workingman straight out of the coal mines, plainspoken, friendly, decent, and perhaps a bit more romantic than you might expect. 

Harold Bride (high baritone, reads 20+)
A radio operator, much more comfortable listening to the world than participating in it.  A bit awkward, but supremely confident and capable when he is at work.

Frederick Fleet (tenor, reads 20+)
The ill-fated lookout aboard the Titanic, he is a personable and charming everyman.

Henry Etches (baritone, reads 40+)
The chief steward of the Titanic, Etches has every rule memorized and knows every corner of the ship.  A bit prickly and not a brilliant conversationalist, but he is ultimately a decent man who is devoted to his clientele.

Wallace Hartley (tenor, reads 30+)
A bandleader and entertainer, he is an experienced and well respected musician comfortable mingling with everyone from the first class down to steerage. 

Alice Beane (mezzo soprano, reads 30+)
A second-class passenger from the Midwestern US, she is almost dementedly naïve and excitable.  She’s also a bit of a gossip, a bit of a rule-breaker, and bit of a talker.

Edgar Beane (baritone, reads 35+)
Alice’s husband, a stubborn, set-in-his-ways Midwesterner who owns a hardware store and is pretty much happy to stop right there.

Caroline Neville (soprano, reads 25+)
A wealthy heiress slumming it in middle class with her soon-to-be husband; she is definitely trying but hasn’t quite shaken off her first-class upbringing.

Charles Clarke (tenor, reads 25+)
Caroline’s fiancée, an ambitious, passionate, perhaps a bit oversensitive writer with a middle class background.

Catherine (“Kate”) McGowan (mezzo soprano, reads 20+)
A steady and no-nonsense working class Irishwoman, who is long on common sense and short on good luck.  Carries a bit of a secret.

James (“Jim”) Farrell (baritone, reads 20+)
An Irish fisherman, unambitious but good-hearted.

Catherine (“Kate”) Murphy (mezzo soprano, reads 35+)
An Irish working class widow, cynical and well-traveled but optimistic in spite of her own best efforts.

Catherine (“Kate”) Mullins (mezzo soprano, reads 16+)
A young Irishwoman; she has absolutely no idea where she is or where she is going, but she knows she’s happy to be on her way.






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