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Open Auditions

The Kelsey Theatre invites you to . . .

Anyone can audition, you do not have to be a student at MCCC.

NOTE: Auditions will be held on the Mercer County Community College Campus unless otherwise stated. Check the Kelsey Theatre for room location signs.

All performances will be held at Kelsey Theatre, located on the West Windsor Campus of Mercer County Community College 1200 Old Trenton Rd, West Windsor, NJ 08550 unless otherwise stated.

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Big Fish

by Andrew Lippa and John August

Playful Theatre Productions

September 24 & 25, 2015


Playful Theatre Productions is excited to announce open auditions for a unique production of the Andrew Lippa/John August musical Big Fish.

In this staging of Big Fish, the bulk of the instrumental accompaniment will be provided by the onstage cast.  Accordingly, Playful is seeking especially actors withinstrumental ability – brass and woodwinds, percussion, guitar, keyboard/piano, and strings in particular – who are willing to lend their talents in this area along with acting, singing, and dancing.  Importantly, instrumental ability is not required for all roles or any particular roles, but is advantageous for any role.


About the Audition


Preliminary auditions will be held on Saturday, September 24 (11:00AM – 4:00PM) and Sunday, September 25 (12:30PM – 4:00PM); callbacks, as required, are tentatively scheduled for Thursday, September 29. In order to minimize wait times, audition appointments are very strongly recommended. 


To make an appointment, visit http://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090f49aca62ea7f85-bigfish  (recommended) or call 609-785-5274.


All auditioners are asked to prepare one complete song from musical theatre, and to bring sheet music in the correct key; an accompanist will be provided.  All auditioners should be prepared to dance at the initial audition.  Anyone wishing to include a musical instrument is asked to additionally prepare a 16-32 measure piece (any style) on their instrument of choice that demonstrates their ability and range; this piece need not be memorized and music stands will be provided.


All roles are open. A summary of available roles is provided below.


Big Fish will be produced by Playful Theatre Productions (producers: Suzanne Smith, Hilary Leboff, Nancy Russell, Ruth Kresge), with direction by Frank Ferrara and musical direction by Shannon Ferrara and Michael Gilch.  Because of the unusual requirements of the staging, the rehearsal process will be somewhat extended.  Rehearsals are expected to begin in early November, and run 3-4 times per week until the show’s opening at the end of March.


About the Roles


The cast of Big Fish will consist of approximately 25-30 actors; performers of all ages will be considered.  In addition to the principal and supporting roles outlined below, the show will include a fairly large ensemble.  Ensemble players will play multiple roles throughout the show, and performers with special skills - juggling, tumbling, acrobats, etc – are of particular interest.


Young Edward Bloom (male baritone, range up to a high G-natural): The hero of our story, a traveling salesman by trade and a storyteller by avocation.  He is plain-spoken and modestly educated but passionate, imaginative, romantic, and generous to a fault.  Must be an outstanding and extremely energetic singer who moves well.  Ages from his early twenties to his mid-forties during the course of the narrative.


Edward Bloom (male, only ensemble singing): Now old enough to be a grandfather, Edward has lost a step but none of his youthful spark or optimism.  As he faces his own mortality, he struggles to connect with his more practical and grounded adult son Will.


Will Bloom (male baritone, range up to a high G-natural): Edward Bloom’s son, in his early 30s, a reporter and world traveler who is firmly fixed in the real world.  After enduring them for three decades, he has little patience left for his father’s impulsiveness and wild stories.  He is not, however, inflexible or lifeless – he’s actually quite thoughtful and open to new ideas, he just demands evidence for them.


Young Will Bloom (male tenor): A child of around ten, studious and observant, but still fascinated by his father’s energy and stories.


Sandra Bloom (female mezzo soprano, range up to an E-natural): Edward’s wife, a woman in her late 50s or early 60s.  She has spent her life bridging the gap between her husband’s unpredictable romanticism and her son’s practicality, and thus has one foot planted in each world.  She is deeply and genuinely happy with the way her life has turned out so far.


Young Sandra Bloom (female mezzo soprano, range up to an E-natural): Sandra as a young woman in her early 20s, an enthusiastic and decent Southern girl straight out of a modern fairy tale.  Should sing and dance extremely well.


Karl (male bass, range from a low A-natural to D-natural): Karl is a literal, straight-up giant who lives in a cave and wears animal skins.  He is also a scholar and a genius – he is, in fact, the sharpest tack in the metaphorical drawer.  He is also withdrawn and antisocial, as both his size and his intellectual ambition make him an outcast from the provincial town where he lives.


Amos Calloway (male baritone, range up to a high G-natural): The boisterous ringmaster of a traveling circus, Amos is greedy, unethical, cynical… but has a soft heart buried somewhere deep, deep below.  Amos hides a fairly remarkable secret, so a certain degree of secretiveness is an essential part of his character.


The Witch (female belter, range up to an F-natural): I mean, she’s a witch.  She sees the future, she lives in a swamp, she’s got a magic wand.  She is not an evil witch, though; she’s just a little wild and a lot crazy and she really likes to belt. 


Jenny Hill (female belter, range up to an E-natural): Edward Bloom’s high school sweetheart, she is “the blondest girl in Ashton.”  We will also meet her again much later, in her late 30s, still kind and optimistic but somewhat dimmed by life.

Older Jenny Hill (female, ensemble singing only): We next meet Jenny many years later, when she is in her late 50s or early 60s.  Has one extremely pivotal dialogue scene; the actor will otherwise be a part of the ensemble.


Don Price (male, baritone, range up to an F#): Edward Bloom’s rival throughout his life and adventures, he is simple-minded, physically-inclined, and quick-tempered.  Since we see him only through Edward’s stories, he is essentially a storybook cliché of the arrogant, moustache-twirling fool.



March 31 to April 2 and April 7-9

(Friday and Saturday night performances at 8:00PM; Sunday afternoon performances at 2:00PM). 




Join Forté Productions as they haul out the holly and celebrate the season A Very Kelsey Christmas. Harkening back to the Christmas specials of the 60’s and 70’s, the show will feature solos, group numbers, and variety acts in the framework of a television broadcast. While the focus of the show will be Christmas, all songs of the season will be considered.

Director/writer John Zimmerman and musical director Peter de Mets are seeking singers, actors, and dancers (ages 8 and up) to fill a variety of roles ranging from Santa's Elves to the Kelsey Singers Chorus, so whether it is comedy scenes or choral singing that interests you, we have a need for your talent.

Auditions will be held on Saturday, October 22th from 2-4pm and Sunday, October 23th from 2-4pm.

To schedule an audition please e-mail auditions@fortedrama.org.

All who plan to audition should prepare their favorite Christmas carol, accompanist will be provided. If you have an idea for a number or skit that would fit this type of show, contact John Zimmerman at President@fortedrama.org.

Performances December 10th (2 pm & 8pm) and 11th (2pm)


B O E I N G ,  B O E I N G





Saturday, November 5 (11-3) & Sunday, November 6 (12-5)



Fri. 2/17 & 24 @ 8PM, Sat. 2/18 & 2/25 @ 8PM, Sun. 2/19 & 26 @ 2PM


All roles are open.  Readings will be from script. Bring an updated picture and resumé.

To schedule audition date/time visit: auditions@mandmstage.com



SYNOPSIS:  It’s the 1960s, and swinging bachelor Bernard couldn't be happier: a flat in Paris and three gorgeous stewardesses all engaged to him without knowing about each other. But Bernard’s perfect life gets bumpy when his friend, Robert, comes to stay and the new, speedier Boeing jets throw off all of his careful planning. Soon all three stewardesses are in town simultaneously, timid Robert is forgetting which lies to tell to whom, and catastrophe looms.




BERNARD (25-40) – An American architect and swinging bachelor living in Paris. Handsome and charming. He is engaged to three stewardesses, unbeknownst to one another; takes boyish pleasure in the success of his devious doings, until things start to fall apart for him. 

BERTHA (40s-60s) – Bernard's long-suffering French housekeeper. She is very dry, very direct and perfectly unwilling to help in any way.

ROBERT (25-40) – Bernard's old college friend from Wisconsin. A fish out of water, unsure of how to act around Bernard’s beautiful women and tangled secrets.

GABRIELLA (23-35) – the Italian fiancée, has the fiery passion of an Italian woman with a casual sensuality. A stewardess. Italian accent.

GLORIA (23-35) – the American fiancée, very quirky, from the way she stands to what she eats. She is a passionate woman with an upbeat disposition. A stewardess. 

GRETCHEN (23-35) – the German fiancée, blessed with an aggressive nature. At any moment, she could make love to you or fight you. A stewardess. German accent.


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