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Maurer Productions OnStage, Inc. presents open auditions for


By Anthony Shaffer


Audition dates:

Saturday, July 22 from 12:00pm to 5:00pm 

Sunday, July 23 from 12:00pm to 5:00pm


Show dates: 

October 6, 7, 13, 14, 2017 at 8:00pm

October 8 & 15, 2017 at 2:00pm


Sign up online for an audition slot at

or E-mail us at


About the show:

The award-winning production team of MPOnStage brings Sleuth to the Kelsey.  

The ultimate game of cat-and-mouse is played out in a cozy English country house owned by celebrated mystery writer, Andrew Wyke. 

Invited guest Milo Tindle, a young rival who shares not only Wyke's love of the game but also his wife, has come to lay claim. 

Revenge is devised and murders plotted as the two plan the ultimate whodunnit.  

Shaffer said the play was partially inspired by one of his friends, composer Stephen Sondheim, whose intense interest in game-playing is mirrored by the character of Wyke.


CHARACTERS (2 M) (ALL ROLES ARE OPEN) ages listed are just a guideline.


ANDREW WYKE  (mid to late 50’s)

Andrew is an immensely successful mystery writer. His home reflects his obsession with the inventions and deceptions of fiction and his fascination with games and game-playing. He lures his wife’s lover, Milo Tindle, to the house and convinces him to stage a robbery of her jewelry, a proposal that sets off a chain of events that leaves the audience trying to decipher reality.


MILO TINDLE (Inspector Doppler, Police Constable Higgs, Detective Sergeant Tarrant)   (mid to late 30’s)

He comes into Andrew Wyke’s life because he is having an affair with Wyke’s wife, Marguerite.  Milo, who is younger than Wyke, is ensconced in the romance of his affair. 

Milo has to also convincingly disguise his voice and mannerisms in order to play characters Inspector Doppler, Police Constable Higgs, and Detective Sergeant Tarrant. 

Both actors have to be able to learn a lot of lines, and work a lot of sub-text moments.  They must therefore be comfortable with silence.  British accents are a must.


NOTE:  Walk-ins are welcome but will be seen on a time-available basis.


Go to to download more information about auditioning and sign up for an audition slot,

or E-mail us at or call (609) 882-2292.






The Pennington Players are excited to announce open auditions for their fall 2017 production of the musical The Hunchback of Notre Dame, based on the 1996 Walt Disney film and the 1831 Victor Hugo novel of the same name. Performances are scheduled for Friday through Sunday, October 20-22 and 2729 (Friday and Saturday performances at 8:00PM and Sunday performances at 2:00PM).


Preliminary auditions will be held Thursday evening, July 27 (7-10PM) and Saturday afternoon, July 29 (12-4PM).

Callback auditions, as required, are tentatively scheduled for Sunday, July 30.

Auditions and callbacks will be held in the Mercer County Community College Communications Building, adjacent to Kelsey Theatre, located at 1200 Old Trenton Road, West Windsor.


In order to minimize wait times, audition appointments are very strongly recommended.

To make an appointment, visit or e-mail us at


All roles are open. Performers are asked to prepare one complete song (classical or musical theatre preferred), and to bring sheet music in the correct key; an accompanist will be provided. Pre-recorded accompaniment or a capella auditions cannot be accommodated. Performers wishing to be considered for the roles of Esmeralda, Clopin, Phoebus, or the People of Paris (dance ensemble; please see below)

will also be asked to learn and perform a dance combination at the initial audition.


Please note that the cast will include a large onstage choir. The rehearsal schedule for the Choir will be significantly lighter than that for the rest of the cast, with only 1 choir rehearsal weekly until full run-

throughs begin in mid-October.


The Hunchback of Notre Dame will be produced by the Pennington Players (producer Jennifer Gregg), with direction by Frank Ferrara, musical direction by Shannon Ferrara and Michael Gilch, choreography

by Rachel Tovar, and stage management by Vianna Fagel. Rehearsals are expected to begin in late August, and run approximately 3 times per week until the show’s opening on October 20.

Additional information about the Pennington Players, and about this production in particular, is available at


The Roles

Quasimodo, The Hunchback of Notre Dame (tenor, reads 18-25)

The bell ringer of Notre Dame, grown fearful and withdrawn from a lifetime of isolation. Need an expressive physical actor, able to communicate ideas and emotions with limited dialogue. Vocally, must be a very strong light tenor able to sing consistently above the staff.


Archdeacon Claude Frollo (bass-baritone, reads 45-55)

Quasimodo’s adopted father and the antagonist of the play, Frollo is not a moustache-twirling villain, a cynical hypocrite, or a monster… at least, not at first. He is motivated by a genuine and honest desire to do right as he sees it, to lead and teach with wisdom, and to pursue perfection in thought and deed. Need a physically and vocally imposing baritone.


Esmeralda (mezzo soprano with strong mid-range belt, reads 25-30)

A Gypsy dancer, new to Paris, she is independent, stubborn, ferocious, and perhaps a bit cynical. She is also an experienced performer, and as such readily adaptable and difficult to surprise. Strong dancer preferred.


Captain Phoebus de Martin (baritone, reads 25-30)

A handsome, charming, charismatic soldier. He has seen much of war and bloodshed, but little of society and politics, leaving him at once jaded and naïve.


Clopin Trouillefou (reads 25-35, male and female actors will be considered)

The unofficial but unquestioned first among equals of the Gypsies of Paris, Clopin is a thief, a duelist, a magician, a dancer, and a storyteller. He, or she, also serves as a bit of an omniscient narrator when the occasion warrants.


The Saints and the Gargoyles (approximately 3 male, 3 female, any ages)

Quasimodo’s friends, advisors, and confidants, they are not the comic relief characters of the animated film but a much more ominous troop on the whole. They are also, in the strictest technical sense, statues. Significant solo and small ensemble singing, no dancing.


The People of Paris (approximately 4 male, 4 female, any ages)

A small ensemble of townspeople, soldiers, and gypsies. Please note that this will be principally a dance ensemble; singing ability is a bonus but not required.


The Choir (approximately 24 singers)

The bulk of the choral work in this production will be handled by the Choir. Although these are onstage roles, they will not be asked to learn choreography or blocking, and will not be required to memorize music. The rehearsal schedule for the Choir will be significantly lighter than that of the rest of the cast, with only 1 choir rehearsal weekly until show run-throughs begin in mid-October.


Pierrot Productions holds non-union auditions for...


(through special arrangement with Music Theatre International)


Production Staff

Director: Kat Ross Kline

Music Director: Peter de Mets

Stage Manager: Jaci D'Ulisse


Audition Dates

Wednesday, July 26th, 7-10pm

Sunday, July 30th, 12-5pm

Call Backs (by invitation only)

Sunday, August 6th, 6-10pm

Wednesday, August 9th, 7-10pm



Auditions will take place in the Communications Building on the Mercer County Community College campus, 1200 Old Trenton Road, West Windsor, NJ 08550


Audition Details and Requirements

-          Full song in the style of the show with sheet music in the appropriate key - an accompanist will be provided.  No a cappella singing or CDs/iPods will be permitted.

-          Cold readings from the script are possible

-          Provide a current resume and a headshot if available

-          List of all known conflicts between August 1st and November 12th (rehearsals are built around actors' schedules and consideration is taken for vacations)

-          Please sign up for an audition using Sign Up Genius at . If you do not schedule an audition appointment, you will be seen as availability permits

-          Email with any questions


Show Dates

Fridays: November 3rd & 10th at 8pm

Saturdays: November 4th & 11th at 8pm

Sundays: November 5th & 12th at 2pm


About the Show

Before creating the Tony-winning sensation Dear Evan Hansen, writers Benj Pasek and Justin Paul delivered the heartbreaking and beautiful musical, Dogfight. This emotional journey depicts the blissful ignorance of youth, compassion in the face of cruelty and the ability to find true inner strength and acceptance despite the brutality of life and war.


It's November 21, 1963. On the eve of their deployment to a small but growing conflict in Southeast Asia, three young Marines set out for one final boys' night of debauchery. But, when Corporal Eddie Birdlace meets Rose, an awkward and idealistic waitress whom he enlists to win a heartless bet with his fellow recruits, she rewrites the rules of the game and teaches him the power of love and kindness.


Character Breakdown:

EDDIE BIRDLACE: A Marine private first class. He is well respected and a natural leader amongst his comrades. Initially a hothead; a cocky smooth talker. He eventually sheds his brash exterior when he falls for Rose.

Stage Age: 18-25 years old

Vocal Range: A2-A4


ROSE FENNY: A diner waitress who dreams of life as a musician. She is a naturally shy girl, naive of the world around her. Becomes smitten with Birdlace and discovers a lot about her self-respect and confidence along the way.

Stage Age: 18-21 years old

Vocal Range: G3-E5


BERNSTEIN: A Marine private first class and Birdlace's good friend. A bit nerdy and very inexperienced with the opposite sex.

Stage Age: 18-25 years old

Vocal Range: B2-B4


BOLAND: A Marine private first class and Birdlace's closest friend. A poor Southern cad, he is the most vocal supporter of the dogfight and fairly crude in his behavior and language.

Stage Age: 18 -25 years old

Vocal Range: B2-B4


MARCY: Boland's date for the dogfight. She is a nearly toothless and homely prostitute. Crass and brash, but sneaky and cunning.

Stage Age: 25-35 years old

Vocal Range: F#3-Eb5


MAMA: The owner of the local diner. She is unamused by the Marines' antics and protective of her daughter, Rose.

Stage Age: 40-50 years old


MULTIPLE ENSEMBLE ROLES include Marines (Sergeant, Gibbs, Fector, Stevens); Bus Passengers; Singers; Hippies, etc. Ensemble members will be used heavily throughout the show and should be strong singers and actors.







     SATURDAY, AUGUST 5th           1pm to 4pm

     MONDAY, AUGUST 7th              7pm to 9pm

Auditions will be held on the Mercer County Community College Campus. Room to tba but it will most likely be in the Communications Building.                                                



     September 22nd thru October 1st 2017




     Cold readings from the script                                                     .



     PLEASE CALL LIZ WURTZ AT 215-945-4114.





CORRIE BRATTER: Age Range 20-30 A Carefree young newlywed busily trying to set up and decorate the new home she shares with her husband, Paul.  She may be flighty or over-enthusiastic but not a fool.


PAUL BRATTER: Age Range 25-35 Corie’s husband a young lawyer with a dry wit. Unlike Corie he likes to stay in his comfort zone.  Conventional, wants to be a good husband by being a good provider.  Very much in love with Corie. Sometimes matter of fact but never cold 

ETHEL BANKS: Age Range 40-60 Corie’s cautious mother who is willing to endure anything for her daughter. Now that Corie is out of the nest, Ethel lives alone and struggles to find her role. She is very sharp with a good dry wit of her own.

MR. VICTOR VELASCO: Age Range 40- 60 The Bratters’ eccentric bohemian neighbor who lives in the attic of the brownstone just above the apartment.  Fancies himself a lady’s man and can be very charming.


TELEPHONE MAN: Age Range 25- 55  A good humored man who makes observations on everyday life and relationships as he installs and fixes telephones.

DELIVERY PERSON: Age Range 55 and up. A small bit brings wedding gifts to the Bratters and is exhausted by all the flights of stairs leading up to the apartment 


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