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Open Auditions

The Kelsey Theatre invites you to . . .

Anyone can audition, you do not have to be a student at MCCC.

NOTE: Auditions will be held on the Mercer County Community College Campus unless otherwise stated. Check the Kelsey Theatre for room location signs.

All performances will be held at Kelsey Theatre, located on the West Windsor Campus of Mercer County Community College 1200 Old Trenton Rd, West Windsor, NJ 08550 unless otherwise stated.

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THEATER TO GO announces auditions for a February 2016 production of


By Murray & Boretz

Directed by Ruth Markoe


All performances and rehearsals will be held at Kelsey Theatre, 1200 Old Trenton Rd, West Windsor, NJ 08550

  • Feb 12, 13, 20, 21 8:00 PM
  • Feb 14, 22 2:00 PM


AUDITION time & Location

  • Sunday Nov 22 from 1-5 & Monday Nov 23 from 7-10
  • Kelsey Theatre at Mercer County Community College 1200 Old Trenton Rd, West Windsor, NJ 08550
  • In the CM BUILDING located behind the Theater
  • Callbacks TBD After Thanksgiving



  • Sign up for an audition at http://tinyurl.com/T2G-Room-Service-Audition
  • or email Auditions@TheaterToGo.com or call 609-895-9661



  • Bring headshot and resume and/or send electronically to Auditions@TheaterToGo.com
  • Prepare a comic monologue with possible cold reading from script.
  • Familiarity with the script is a plus (Available on request). All roles require quick comic timing and physical agility.




  • First read through will be early December with 1-2 rehearsals before Holidays
  • Heaviest rehearsal period will be in January/February.
  • We will try to work around conflicts, but we do not like surprises after the rehearsal schedule is set



A nimble-witted producer Gordon Miller is holed up in a Times Square hotel with 19 hungry actors, a ballooning room service bill and living on credit, is desperately in need of a good script. He finds one, and, by great good luck, he also finds an angel with $15,000. He tries to forestall eviction by concocting a series of preposterous events. The play shows how, during a hectic few days, the producer plays hide-and-seek with the angel who wants to withdraw his financial support, manages to outwit creditors, and at the very last moments puts over his play in spite of the most ludicrous and unexpected obstacles.

A Broadway hit in 1937, this very funny play about the wheeling and dealing of theatrical producing is still relevant today. Made into a Marx Brothers movie - but the play is funnier!



  • Gordon Miller: (M – 30 +) a fast talking, quick-witted producer with big ideas but a very small budget.
  • Joseph Gribble: (M – 30+) The anxious manager of the White Way Hotel where Miller is unable to pay the bills for his indigent troupe. He is also Miller’s brother?in?law.
  • Sasha Smirnoff: (M 30 +) a waiter at the White Way Hotel who was an actor in his native Russia and wants to revive his performing career in New York. Role requires a Russian accent Harry Binion: (M 30+) The director of Miller’s production of Godspeed.
  • Faker Englund: (M 20s -40s) Miller’s general assistant who has an earthy quality and boundless energy.
  • Christine Marlowe: (F 20s-30s) an actress hoping to become a Broadway star in Miller’s production, and his girlfriend. She finds a backer for Godspeed.
  • Leo Davis: (M – clean cut – mid 20s-30s) an inexperienced young man from the small town of Oswego and the author of Godspeed, Miller’s intended production. He is unsophisticated in the ways of the world.
  • Hilda Manney: (F – 20s-30s) the secretary of Joseph Gribble.
  • Gregory Wagner: (M 50s +) an overbearing, hot?tempered hotel executive who inadvertently becomes a backer of Miller’s play.
  • Simon Jenkins: (M – 50s+) Miller’s “angel” who is a representative of a wealthy man who wants to invest in a play.
  • Hogarth: (M – any age) A man from a collection agency whose job makes him responsible for repossessing Davis’s typewriter.
  • Dr. Glass: (M – 50s +) Harassed hotel doctor.
  • Senator Blake: (M – 50s+) the top executive of the hotel chain which runs the White Way Hotel


For information or questions CONTACT

Auditions@theatertogo.com or 609 895 9661

www.TheaterToGo.com Facebook: TheaterToGoNJ


The Addams Family

With music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa

Book by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice

Playful Theatre Productions


Playful Theatre Productions is pleased to announce open auditions for a winter 2015 production of the comedy musical The Addams Family, based on the comic series by Charles Addams. The show will be performed at Kelsey Theatre, on campus at Mercer County Community College (West Windsor, NJ), February 26-28 and March 04-06 (Friday and Saturday night performances at 8:00PM; Sunday afternoon performances at 2:00PM). 


About the Audition


Preliminary auditions will be held on Monday evening, November 30 and Thursday, December 3 (7:00PM – 10:00PM both nights); callbacks, as required, will be held on a date to be announced. In order to minimize wait times, audition appointments are very strongly recommended.  To make an appointment, visit http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0e4dafa72ca4ff2-theaddams (recommended) or call 609-439-6596.


Auditioners are asked to prepare one complete song from musical theatre, and to bring sheet music in the correct key; an accompanist will be provided.  All actors will be asked to learn and perform a brief dance combination at the initial audition. 


All roles are open. A summary of available roles is provided below.


The Addams Family will be produced by Playful Theatre Productions (producers Suzanne Smith and Hilary Leboff), with direction by Frank Ferrara, musical direction by Shannon Ferrara and Michael Gilch, choreography by Rachel Tovar, and stage management by Ruth Kresge and Nancy Scharf.  Approximately 2-3 rehearsals are expected in the month of December; rehearsals will begin in earnest after the New Year and run 3-4 times per week thereafter until the show’s opening at the end of Feburary.


About the Roles


A total of approximately 18 actors are sought; the exact cast size will vary depending on the number of Ancestors (see below). A note about the Addams family themselves: the Addams’ are not vaudeville performers and they are not in on the joke.  They are who they are without irony and without winking. 


Gomez Addams (male baritone) is the family patriarch, an adult man of uncertain age with an untraceable, vaguely Spanish accent.  He is passionate and emotional, given to impulsive behaviors and theatrical pronouncements.  He is propelled forward by constant curiosity and – ironically – love of life.


Morticia Addams (female alto / mezzo) is far more reserved and less demonstrative than her husband Gomez, but no less passionate for that.  She always gives the impression that she is waiting to strike.  She is, however, a warm and loving wife and mother, in her own way.  Need an excellent singer with a strong low range, and an exceptional dancer.  Morticia is almost definitely not a vampire.   Almost definitely not.


Wednesday Addams (female belter) is the daughter of Gomez and Morticia, now in her early twenties, as homicidal as ever. Her stone face and stern demeanor hide an endless supply of rage and loathing, but in other ways she’s not at all a typical post-adolescent.  Need an outstanding singer with a very strong high belt.


Pugsley Addams (male, unchanged voice) is Wednesday’s brother, a cheerfully destructive boy of around 10.  He adores his sister unconditionally, and means well, relatively speaking… but trouble finds him pretty easily.


Uncle Fester (male tenor) is a very strange duck.


Grandma (female, alto) is pretty likely a thousand years old.  From the perspective of “normal” society, she’s definitely the strangest of the Addams Family; she’s a fully functioning witch, with a bench of potions and a very dodgy history.  But she’s also the most tuned in of the family members, and the most self-aware.  Need an excellent character actor able to hold a tune.


Lurch (male, bass) is the Addams’ loyal servant, his work ethic unaffected by the fact that he is probably dead.  Although this is mostly a silent role – and requires a skilled physical comedian able to get laughs without words or facial expressions – Lurch does have a bit of featured solo singing (during which he is a bass, as you’d expect a corpse to be).


Lucas Beineke (male, tenor) is the nervous, twitchy, Midwestern “Normal” with whom Wednesday Addams has fallen hopelessly in love.  In his early twenties, Lucas is not a risk taker or a man of action, or at least, he has not been so far.


Mal Beineke (male, baritone) is Lucas’ father, an uptight and stubborn Ohioan who has never spent longer than thirty seconds outside of his comfort zone.  He considers himself a reasonable man.


Alice Beineke (female, mezzo soprano) is Lucas’ mother.  She writes greeting card poetry for a living.  She is a model mother and wife; she’s bubbly and sweet, with inexhaustible patience and a genuine belief that everything will work out for the best. She’s also concealing a borderline psychopathic supply of anger and frustration… but she’ll probably never say anything about that.  Right?


The Ancestors (male and female, all ages and voice parts) are the spirits of Addams’ past, a motley crew of the dead and mostly dead.  Some solo singing, extensive harmony singing, and strong dancing required. 




is proud to announce auditions for Disney and Cameron Mackintosh’s



Director: Amy Zalot

Music Director: Matt South

Choreographer: Laura Murey Ghaffoor

Stage Manager: Chris Szemis

Producer: Whitney Pullen




SATURDAY,DECEMBER 5 from 12-4 P.M.                              

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 6 from 12-4 P.M.

Callbacks will be held on Wednesday December 9 if needed.


PLACE OF AUDITIONS, REHEARSALS, AND PERFORMANCES: Mercer County Community College, 1200 Old Trenton Road, West Windsor, N.J.

There will be a few rehearsals in December, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 7-9:30 and Sundays from 2-6 to give out scripts and work on some music and choreography.  Not everyone has to be at every rehearsal, but cast members need to be at all rehearsals scheduled for his or her role.

SHOW DATES:  April 16, 17, 22, 23, 24, 29, 30, and May 1, 2016

Please also note that there will be a school performance on April 22 at 10am.


ALL AUDITIONS ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Please contact the production staff at ypmarypoppins@gmail.com to schedule an appointment.  In your email, please indicate your name, age, role desired, and how best to contact you.


AUDITION REQUIREMENTS:  Please prepare a song from the show or in the style of the show and be ready to participate in a group dance audition, as well as readings from the script. Tap experience is preferred for many roles. If you tap, please come prepared to do so at the audition.  Please download the audition form found on our website:  yardleyplayers.com and bring  it to auditions with you along with a recent picture and resume.


** The actors cast as Mary Poppins, Bert, and Miss Andrews in this production will be flown during the show and should be comfortable with heights**



We will cast regardless of age, appearance, etc in order to create the best ensemble cast that will tell the best story possible!!


Mary Poppins- Jane and Michael Banks' new nanny is extraordinary and strange, neat and tidy, delightfully vain yet particular, and sometimes a little frightening but always exciting. She is practically perfect in every way and always means what she says. A mezzo soprano with strong top notes, she should be able to move well. She can have a more traditional soprano sound, but precision and diction is the key. Female, 20 - 30 yrs old Range: Gb3 - C6


Bert -The narrator of the story is a good friend to Mary Poppins.  An everyman, Bert has many occupations, including hurdy-gurdy player, sidewalk artist and chimney sweep. Bert watches over the children as well as the goings on in Cherry Tree Lane. He has charm, speaks with a Cockney accent and is a song-and-dance man. Male, 30 - 39 yrs old Range: B2 - F#4


George Banks- The father to Jane and Michael Banks is a banker to the very fiber of his being. Demanding "precision and order" in his household, he is a pipe-and-slippers man who doesn't have much to do with his children and believes that he had the perfect upbringing by his nanny, the cruel Miss Andrew. His emotional armor, however, conceals a sensitive soul. A baritone, George may speak-sing as necessary. Male, 40 - 45 yrs old Range: Bb2 - Eb4


Winifred Banks- George's wife and Jane and Michael's mother is a former actress. She is a loving and distracted homemaker who is busy trying to live up to her husband's desire to only associate with "the best people" as well as be the model wife and mother. She suffers from the conflicting feelings that she's not up to the job of "being Mrs. Banks," yet, she is, and more. She has great warmth and simplicity to her tone. Female, 30 - 40 yrs old Range: A3 - D5


Jane -The high-spirited daughter of Mr. and Mr. Banks, is bright and precocious but can be willful and inclined to snobbishness. Female, 11 yrs old Range: A3 - F#5


Michael -The cute and cheeky son of Mr. and Mrs. Banks is excitable and naughty. He adores his father and tries to be like him. Both he and Jane misbehave in order to get the attention of their parents. Male, 9 yrs old Range: A3 - E5


Katie Nanna- Jane and Michael’s nanny at the beginning of the show. Overwhelmed and upset, she has absolutely had her fill of the Banks children. Female, 30 - 40 yrs old Speaking Role


Policeman- A neighborhood fixture who is respected by and observant of households on his beat. Male, 30 - 50 yrs old Speaking Role


Miss Lark- The haughty next-door neighbor of the Banks family who treats her dog, Willoughby, as if he were her child. Female, 30 - 40 yrs old Speaking Role


Admiral Boom- A retired Royal Navy man and neighbor of the Banks family. A physically large man with a loud and booming voice, he speaks in Navy jargon and has a soft spot for his neighbor, Miss Lark. He can be any vocal range as needed. If Admiral Bloom doubles as the Banks Chairman, he can be a baritone. Male, 50 - 60 yrs old Speaking Role


Mrs. Brill- The housekeeper and cook for the Banks family. Overworked and harassed, she's always complaining that the house is understaffed. Her intimidating exterior is a cover for the warmth underneath. Mrs. Brill doesn't have a high opinion of nannies in general and Mary Poppins in particular. She does not have to be a strong singer. Female, 50 - 60 yrs old Range: F#3 - D#5


Robertson Ay- The houseboy to the Banks family. Lazy, sleepy and grumbling, he never gets things right and believes himself to be useless. He doesn't do a lot of singing, but his "Spoonful" solo can be a fun surprise. Male, 20 - 30 yrs old Range: F3 - G#4


Park Keeper- Uniformed and officious, he makes sure no one breaks park regulations. His life is defined by rules, but he secretly hankers after his childhood. Male, 40 - 60 yrs old Speaking Role


 Neleus -The statue of a young boy posed with a dolphin in the park. Neleus was separated from his father, Poseidon, and misses him very much. A small and lonely being, he is very happy to befriend Jane and Michael. This role is a wonderful opportunity to feature one of the strong dancers in your ensemble. Male, 16 - 20 yrs old


Bank Chairman -This head of the bank where Mr. Banks is employed, is an Edwardian stuffed-shirt. He can speak/sing his lines if necessary. Male, 50-60 yrs old Range: C3 - D4


Miss Smythe- The Bank Chairman's humorless secretary. Female, 40 - 50 yrs old Speaking Role


Bird Woman- Covered in a patchwork of old shawls, and her pockets are stuffed with bags of crumbs for the birds. She tries to sell her crumbs for the birds. She tries to sell her crumbs to passersby, who ignore her as if she doesn't exist. Sings "Feed the Birds." There can be a gruff, folksy quality to her voice that reflects the hardness of her life. Female, 50 - 60 yrs old Range: Gb3 - C5


Mrs. Corry- Owns a magical gingerbread shop. She is a mysterious woman of great age who speaks with a Caribbean accent (or any accent that would make her seem exotic). Female, 40 - 50 yrs old Speaking Role


Miss Andrew- George's overbearing and scary nanny. With her bottle of nasty-tasting brimstone and treacle to keep naughty children in line, she is a bully who only knows one way of doing things - her way. A soprano with an alto belt, there can be some heaviness to her voice along with range. Female, 40 - 60 yrs old Range: Gb3 - F5


In addition to the above named characters, an ensemble of men, women, teens and children are needed to be chimney sweeps, bankers, kite flyers, and park strollers.


The Diary of Anne Frank

By Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett, adapted by Wendy Kesselman


Production staff

Company:                     Pennington Players

Producer:                      Sally Page

Director:                        Judi Parrish

Stage Manager:             Vicki Kaiser

Set & Sound Design:       Judi Parrish

Lighting:                        Kitty Getlik

Props:                             Dottie Farina

Scenic Artist:                  Emily Russoniello


The Pennington Players are pleased to announce open auditions for its March 2016 production of The Diary of Anne Frank.   The show will be performed at the Kelsey Theatre, on the campus at Mercer County Community College, West Windsor, NJ.   Performance dates are:  March 11, 12, 13, 18, 19 & 20, with Friday and Saturday night performances at 8:00 pm, and Sunday afternoon performances at 2:00 pm.   

NOTE:   There will also be daytime performances on Monday March 14 and Friday March 18 at 10:00 am.    A Talk Back session will be offered after the March 18th performance. 


About The Play:  In this transcendently powerful adaptation by Wendy Kesselman, Anne Frank emerges from history a living, lyrical, intensely gifted young girl, who confronts her rapidly changing life and the increasing horror of her time with astonishing honesty, wit, and determination. An impassioned drama about the lives of eight people hiding from the Nazis in a concealed storage attic, The Diary of Anne Frank  captures the claustrophobic realities of their daily existence—their fear, their hope, their laughter, their grief. Each day of these two dark years, Anne's voice shines through:  "When I write I shake off all my cares. But I want to achieve more than that. I want to be useful and bring enjoyment to all people, even those I've never met. I want to go on living even after my death!" 


Audition Dates

Thursday, December 3, 2015                      7 PM to 9:30 PM

Saturday, December 5, 2015                       1 PM to 4:00 PM 

Sunday, December 6, 2015                         1 PM to 3 PM   Callbacks Only (as needed; by invitation only) 



Audition Appointment Options:

About The Auditions:   All those auditioning are asked to prepare the monologue(s) provided for the character(s) for which you are auditioning.  Memorization is not required but is strongly recommended.   Other readings from the play may be provided at the time of your audition or call back, if needed.    The audition monologues are available on the Pennington Players’ website:     www.penningtonplayers.org/auditions.html    


About Rehearsals:  The first read thru will be scheduled during mid December, at which time scripts will be handed out and all actors will be measured for costumes.   Rehearsals will begin in earnest in early January and will primarily be scheduled for at least two evenings per week and one weekend afternoon per week, based on actor availability.   It is very important that all those auditioning be as thorough and honest about all known and potential conflicts between December 10, 2015 and March 20, 2016, as the rehearsal schedule will be determined based on those conflicts.

RolesWe will cast 10 actors:  4 adult males, 3 adult females, 2 teenage girls and 1 teenage boy.  Ages represent the age of the “character.”  We will not be using accents with onstage characters.  All roles are open. A description of the characters is provided below.


We are also seeking 2 to 3 men who speak fluent German to record several voice-over segments.  There will be no onstage commitment, with only 1-2 recording sessions anticipated.   Anyone interested should email: auditions@penningtonplayers.org  and indicate your experience or education with speaking German. 




Anne Frank:  (female, teens) The youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank, Anne is a lively, curious girl of thirteen at the beginning of the play. She remains optimistic throughout the months they are in hiding and always makes the best of the situation she is in. As her diary reveals, she is very introspective and creative and has a vivid imagination.   Looking for an actress who is between 13 & 17 who looks 14.


Otto Frank: (male, early 50’s) Anne’s polite and practical father, Mr. Frank is the head of the “attic family.” His calmness and patience are an asset in the cramped attic and a comfort to Anne, who is very close to him.


Edith Frank: (female, early 40’s)  Anne’s reserved and nervous mother, Mrs. Frank loves Anne, but she wishes she were more proper and polite, like her sister Margot. Because of her reserved nature, Mrs. Frank and Anne are not close.


Margot Frank:  (female, teens)  Anne’s older sister, Margot is much more like her mother than Anne. She is quiet, modest, and reserved: the complete opposite of Anne.  Looking for an actress who is between 15 & 18 who looks 16.


Putti Van Daan:  (male, early 40’s) An irritable former business partner of Mr. Frank, Mr. Van Daan’s family is invited to stay in the attic with the Franks. He is selfish and openly critical of others, especially Anne.


Petronella Van Daan:  (female, early 40’s) Mr. Van Daan’s vain and finicky wife, Mr. Van Daan prizes the material things of life, including a fur coat she brought to the attic with her. These traits all make her the center of much of the conflict in the attic.


Peter Van Daan:  (male, teens) The son of Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan, Peter is a shy, quiet 16 year old boy.  He soon becomes a friend and confidant for Anne, and they share first kiss together.   Looking for an actor who is between 15 & 17 who looks 16.


Jan Dussell:  (male, early 50’s) Difficult to get along with, Mr. Dussell joins the Franks and the Van Daans after they have been in hiding about two months.


Miep Gies: (female, mid 30’s) A very well-liked, generous secretary in Mr. Frank’s office, Miep helps to protect the families in hiding. Along with Mr. Kraler, she brings to the refugees food, supplies, and news from the outside world.


Mr. Kraler: (male, 40’s) A businessman who works with Miep to help protect the people in hiding, Mr. Kraler risks his life to help his friends.




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