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The Kelsey Theatre has 10 different Theatre Companies that use our stage and their needs vary.  Please read ALL audition notices through to see what is required and how to sign up for the audition. 

All auditions for Kelsey Theatre productions will be held on the Mercer County Community College unless stated otherwise in the announcement.  Auditions are usually held in the College's Communications Building please check the Kelsey Theatre sign boards for specific room locations.

If you would like to receive audition notifications via email please fill out the form below. 








To sign up for NOISES OFF auditions

Noises Off

By Michael Frayn

Presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC



Director John M. Maurer

Producer Diana Gilman Maurer and John M. Maurer

Stage Manager Melissa Gaynor



Maurer Productions OnStage presents Michael Frayn's “Noises Off”. Called “the funniest farce ever written. Noises Off takes a fond look at the follies of theatre folk, whose susceptibility to out-of-control egos, memory loss, and passionate affairs turn every performance into a high-risk adventure. This play-within-a-play captures a touring theatre troupe’s production of “Nothing On” in three stages: dress rehearsal, an early performance, and a performance towards the end of a debilitating run. Frayne gives us a window into the inner workings of theatre behind the scenes, progressing from flubbed lines and missed cues in the dress rehearsal to mounting friction between cast members in the final performance. Brimming with slapstick comedy, Noises Off is a delightful backstage farce, complete with slamming doors, falling trousers, and -- of course -- flying sardines!



Saturday, Oct 13, 2018  (10am-5pm)

Sunday, Oct 14 2018 (10am-5pm)

Monday, Oct 15, 2018  (7pm-10pm)


Auditions will be held on the Mercer County Community College West Windsor Campus.

Check the Kelsey Theatre sign board for a room location on the day of your audition.

MCCC is located at 1200 Old Trenton Rd, West Windsor NJ 08550



Friday, January 11 & 18, 2019 at 8pm

Saturday, January 12 & 19, 2019  at 8pm

Sunday, January 13 & 20, 2019  at 2pm



You can use our online audition sign-up site to schedule your audition. Go to ; If you are not already registered you can register for free.
You can look over the audition information, choose a monologue and sign up for an available slot. If you cannot access the website or if you have any problems signing up, you can still call (609) 882-2292 or email at to schedule an audition time. If all audition slots are full and you wish to audition for the show, please call and we will try to set up another time for you to audition.



    • A British accent.
    • A Monologue from the ones provided on our website
    • Photo
    • Resume
    • Since all rolls require a British accent and actors must hold it for the entire 2 hours of the performance we are asking that from the moment you arrive at auditions you should be speaking your best British. From registration to your final goodbye we want to hear her Majesties tongue.



Looking for 4 women and 5 men





Dotty Otley / Mrs. Clackett:  (50 - 70) (Accent: Standard British and Cockney)
Dotty is a once “Much Loved” English actress who is now in her twilight years and is having trouble remembering lines and stage direction. She has used her life savings to help finance the play to help with her retirement.  She is Playing Mrs. Clackett a Cockney Housekeeper in the Brent’s home with a penchant for putting up her feet and have some sardines.

Brooke Ashton / Vicki:  (20 - late 30's) (Accent: Standard British)

Brooke is a young, popular but inexperienced, British actress known for playing the sexy Ingenue with very little costume. She learns her part by rote and will say the lines as written no matter what is going on around her. (NOTE:) Brooke IS NOT stupid, vain or a Diva, she spends a lot of time thinking her own thoughts and doesn’t always connect with the world or her costars around her. She plays Vicki, a young office worker for Inland Revenue (English IRS) who is Rogers - hopeful - nooner.
Director’s Note: Brooke spends the majority of the show in her undergarments.  You must be comfortable performing in little more than a bra and underwear.

Belinda Blair / Flavia Brent:  (30's - late 40's) (Accent: Standard British)

Belinda Is the self-assigned mother of the group. Cheerful and sensible, she dislikes conflict and likes to make things run smoothly.  She plays Philip Brent's wife.  She is dependable and forward thinking, though not one for household duties.

Poppy Norton-Taylor: (20 - 30) (Accent: Standard British)
is the Assistant Stage Manager of Nothing On.  She is emotional and over-sensitive and doesn’t have a lot of experience as a stage manager.


Lloyd Dallas:  (30 - 50) (Accent: Standard British)

Lloyd is the director of the play, Nothing On. He is self-absorbed, temperamental, and has an eye for the ladies.

Garry Lejeune / Roger Tramplemain:  (20 - 40) (Accent: Standard British)
Garry is an  actor who is easily fired up and always has a lot to say but never finishes a sentence.

"you know..." He plays Roger an English Real Estate Agent who is attempting to rent Flavia's and Philip's home, but uses it for his own personal benefit.


Frederick Fellowes /Philip Brent / Sheikh:  (20 - 40) (Accent: Standard British)
Frederick is a character actor with a serious fear of violence who gets nosebleeds at the sight of blood. He is self-deprecating when things go wrong and often questions the meaning of his lines and blocking. He plays Philip Brent, a successful playwright who lives outside of the country with his wife Flavia to avoid paying taxes. He is constantly worried about being caught by Inland Revenue and losing most of the year's income. He also plays the Sheikh, a Middle-Easterner, interested in renting Flavia's and Philip's home and is the spitting image of Philip.

Selsdon Mowbray / Burglar:  (60 +) (Accent: Standard British and Cockney)
Selsdon is a long time stage actor who is best known for his short lived but popular TV series on the BBC.  He is an actor of the old school with greasepaint in his veins and a bottle of scotch always at the ready. Slightly befuddled, never really sober and very hard of hearing, Selsdon is an old friend of Dotty who is giving him another shot with this show. He plays the Burglar, an old Cockney roustabout who longs for the good old says when stealing stuff meant something.


Timothy Allgood:  (20 - 30) (Accent: Standard British)
Tim is the Company and Stage Manager and a jack of all trades. He has a fatal flaw - he can’t say no. If you want the set rebuilt overnight, need him to go without sleep, do your taxes or to understudy all your male actors at a moment’s notice, he is there.  Passed out on the floor, but there.



You should expect two rehearsals in the evening during the week and one weekend day rehearsal per week. Later in rehearsal process, more days may be added. These rehearsals will be broken up by scenes. Call sheets will be made available to the cast on a weekly basis to tell you which rehearsals you will need to attend.



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